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PNW Chapter of the ACFE - Library Resources

Libary Procedures

To order any library materials (i.e.; videos, books, and other items) from the Chapter Library, you must be a Chapter Member. To become a Chapter Member, please see our Membership web page.

The Member must pay all shipping and handling fees (i.e.; U.S. postage) from the Chapter to the Member and from the Member back to the Chapter Librarian. The cost of mailing most library items at the U.S.P.S. “book rate” is approximately $5.00. Only one video or book may be checked-out at a time.

The Member should include their check for the above amount with their written request for any library materials. Make sure to include your return mailing address in the correspondence. Training materials will not be mailed without advance payment. This procedure eliminates all of the accounting procedures that would be needed to establish accounts receivables for this purpose.

The Member should mail their written request for library materials to the following address:

Pacific Northwest Chapter/ACFE
C/O Joseph R. Dervaes, President Emeritus
P. O. Box 318
Vaughn, WA 98394-0350
The Librarian can be contacted at:

Telephone: (253) 884-9303

All library materials will be mailed to the Member as soon as practical after a written request has been received.

All library materials checked-out from the Chapter must be returned within 30 days after receipt so that other Members may have ready access to this information without undue delay.

The Member should return all library materials by U.S. mail book rate to the address shown above. The Member must pay for the return postage.

No CPE Credit will be granted for the listening to, viewing, reading or studying any of the items directly from our library. If the material is presented as part of a formal fraud seminar, CPE may be granted to the individual participants by the seminar sponsor.

List of Available Library Resources

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

The Chapter Librarian.

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